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 The I’m Here page was created for students within the Gadsden Independent School District to feel safe and loved. The project came into place when one of our very own students Yadira Estrada, decided alongside our math teacher Ms. Williams that Mental Health should be a priority in our high school student’s everyday lives.                     


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It Starts With Us

  Gloria Hernandez who is a Senior and Yadira Estrada who is a Junior at Chaparral High School have partnered with La Piñon to raise Sexual Assault Awareness within our community. Their goal is to reach out to youth and encourage people to gain education regarding sexual assault and how it happens to both females and males.




Congratulations to all these students who  will be competing at a National level for  Business Professionals of America in May of 2021!

Financial Math & Analysis Concepts 

Rafael Ramirez: 7th Place  

Computer Programming Concepts

Rafael Ramirez: 1st Place

Luis Aguilar: 2nd Place

Information Technology Concepts

Eileen Varela: 1st  Place

Rafael Ramirez: 2nd Place

Emily Sanchez: 3rd Place 

Luis Burciaga-Molina: 7th Place 

Broadcast News Production Team

Yadira Estrada, Christian Gutierrez, Gloria Hernandez, Emily Sanchez: 1st Place

Podcast Production Team

Alexander Duron, Eileen Sandoval, Eileen Varela: 1st Place 

Digital Communication & Design Concepts 

Yadira Estrada: 2nd Place 

Gloria Hernandez: 4th Place 

Rafael Ramirez: 5th  Place

Luis Burciaga-Molina: 7th Place 

Emily Sanchez: 8th Place 

Business Meeting Management Concepts

Gloria Hernandez: 7th Place 

Management, Marketing and Human Resources Concept 

Luis Aguilar: 1st Place 

Luis Burciaga-Molina: 3rd Place 

Gloria Hernandez: 8th Place

Digital Marketing Concepts 

Eileen Sandoval: 3rd Place

Emily Sanchez: 6th Place 

Rafael Ramirez: 10th Place

Medical Terminology Concepts

Emily Sanchez: 1st Place 

Gloria Hernandez: 8th Place