Google Classroom Codes

Important informantion and updates

Students please Keep up with your school work, readings, enrichment activities, and reviews.  Many assignments will be posted on google classroom and REMIND. Some teachers have been sending emails with links to google classroom.  If teachers have not sent you an email with their class code please look for your teacher in their departments, listed below.  You can also email your teacher from this website.

To set up your Google Classroom/Office 365 accounts click on the link below:

Your username for Google and Office 365 is the same but your password for:

Google is: 9 digit State id (Example: 123456789)

Office 365 (GISD Email) is: The 1st letter of your First Name Capitalized & 1st letter of last name lowercase & then your 9 digit State Id: 

        Example: John Smith - Js123456789

English Department

Ms. Fernandez's Google Codes

Class Period

Class Code

2nd Period


3rd Period


4th Period


5th Period


6th Period


7th Period


Advisory (4th Period)


Ms. Franklin's Google Codes
2nd period:     nektnzh
3rd period:      o3ldllv
4th period:      kh4cxe4
4th period, adv.:      jmtjcib
5th period:      zridzth
6th period:      hocnz4z
7th period:      q4truiy
Ms. Nohemi Montelongo's Class codes
these are the original Codes 8/4/20

2nd period - ztcmw5i 

3rd period – q4xybt7 

4th period - hgcdvi 

Advisory - qdag7os 

5th period - azl7rdp (3rd letter in a lower case L) 

6th period – bj7igmj 

7th period – ducrj7u

Mr. O'Connor's Class Codes
ELA 4- 2nd Period - ezb5xj5
ELA 3 - 3rd Period - qnnfrks
ELA 1 - 4th Period - ns3ce33
Study Skills - 5th Period - fxnfcty
ELA 2 - 6th Period - dz5xhv4, and
ELA 1 - 7th Period - 5fqmydi
Dr. Phillips' Google codes
2nd Period  - ripxo5t
3rd Period - gozw5ze
4th Period - 63xb3ze
5th Period - p4jverg
6th Period - e6ysmr2

Ms. Susan Sanchez's Google Codes

Period Two (All Sections A & B) hfuzjtz

Period Three (All Sections A & B) 7dilhuc

Period Four (All Sections A & B) 7cmb5ej

Period Five (All Sections A & B) foxompx

Period Six (All Sections A & B) qmj3kky

Period Seven (All Sections A & B) t2gn6pp
Ms. Soltero's Class codes
English II PreAp 2nd pd - hnfx5ox
English I 3rd pd - 7556t4m
English I 4th pd - 57c7aef
English I 5th pd - 5gidbxg
Softball Class - lagfdqq
Danee Jarnagin (Stewart) 
Google class codes
Eng 1-2nd: atft3bc
AP4-3rd: rrcb3jv
AP4-4th: 42gxilj
AP4-5th: 4ojcqst
Eng 1-6th: 65h77y7
Eng 1-7th: dp22a7n
Vacant English 3 & 4
English 3  6csjakn  Google Meet link:
English 4 lni2wbu  Google Meet link:

Math Department

Ms. Jodi Copley's Google Codes

1st Period          5t5rlvu

2nd Period        xlbcati

3rd Period          uqncmbh

4th Period          xnkdp4c

7th Period          tnpdefz

advisory class        eclh4kd

Mr. Alfredo Gomez Google Class codes

1st Period (Geometry) aioyzdy
2nd Period (Algebra 2) m5bbrlw
3rd Period (Geometry) i76s4mr
4th Period (Geometry) cc63bgq
6th Period (Geometry) ajgqrcd
7th Period (Algebra 2) 4a2asch

Office Hours MTTHF 11:35-12:35     zlzlkip
Wed.     jlro45j
Parents  3rd wed. of the month      t6vqyqe
Ms. Guadalupe Gonzalez's Class codes
SREB 1st Pd Code: mz4itum 
Geometry 2nd Pd Code: pbsmwug 
Geometry 3rd Pd Code: jyiwwqz
Geometry 4th Pd Code: edajkm3
SREB 6th Pd Code: zd324cz
SREB 7th Pd Code: t5pfura
Mr. Jason Harvey's Google Class Codes
1st: pdy6zww
2nd: 6s2kvim
3rd: pv5gzkm
4th: elics5n
Advisory: ihd3x34
6th: ulxwjz4

Mrs. Henry Class Codes

Algebra II 1st Period m6cizqf
Algebra II 2nd Period k3g2okx
Algebra II 3rd Period yg4ni6r
Algebra II 6th Period 4hgmsfp
AP Statistics 4th Period hyegqur
Mr. Leal's Class codes
1st- financial literacy- an4zqbu
2nd pd- algebra 2- yjnmnbp
3rd pd- algebra 1- s2vhmdy
4th pd- geometry- f7u6dcm
5th- prep
6th- algebra 1- 6qcq7sl
7th- girls soccer- sj2xu52
Mr. Ubinger's Class codes
Algebra 2: 5j2tlnh
Pre Calculus: qsr3uiz
AP Calculus: ksw3igb
Advisory:  tni4pck
Ms. Emily Williams Class Codes
1st Period: ojgglag
2nd Period: xocd32z
3rd Period: h5pfavn 
4th Period: iczx72e
6th Period: djr5u7y
7th Period: qohvnlu

Science Department

Mr. Jesse Aguilar
1st Period-Chemistry  Google classroom code: z4fr6qe
2nd Period-Chemistry  Google classroom code: sovgavv
4th Period-Chemistry  Google classroom code: mxkekob
Advisory Period (4th)  Google classroom code: opgdqf6
5th Period-Chemistry  Google classroom code: dupgthz
6th Period-Chemistry  Google classroom code: t6kxxmo
7th Period-Chemistry  Google classroom code: wwg3xpu

Ms. Stephanie Gallegos' Google codes

  • Period 1
    • Class code:  zobif47
    • Meet Code: br7cdyqe5y
  • Period 2
    • Class code:  biuxpks
    • Meet Code: fbxjt36yxl
  • Period 4
    • class code:  gjrheau
    • Meet Code: ei6njxemyc
  • Period 5
    • class code:  rhj576a
    • Meet Code: drgbcl4fjh
  • Period 7
    • class code:  uc2ud52
    • Meet Code: gim5se4ggx
Mr. King's Google Codes
1st Period:  7jn2ku2
2nd Period:  jf4eylu
4th Period:  octyfn6
5th Period:  4uk5s3z 
6th Period:  jx62e7i
7th Period:  i3y7dcr

Mr. Myers Google Codes

Myers Chem 1 242eqs6
Myers Chem 2 3ivauln
Myers Chem 4 j5ernkd
Myers Chem 5 6ju3s3k
Myers Chem 6 mrewd7c
Myers Chem 7 ppbrrxe
Ms. Reina Garcia Class codes
1st Period - ogadb2w
2nd Period - invxmi3
4th Period - zvx5adp
5th Period - uwie463
6th Period - bxaq6xx
Advisory Code:  aomzsvd
Mrs. Pavlis' Class codes
Env 1st pd   hrvudsr,
 Env 7th        bzxyqpw 
biology 2nd 3gjgpjw
biology 5th zbe5hjf, 
physical science 4th yuv25py
physical science 6th csiozc6
Office and tutoring classroom:  vpjy6j5
Vacant Science class codes
(1st Per.) Physics: 4yvokh6
(2nd Per.) Physics: p32k74u
(4th Per.) Forensic Science: nqts6na
(5th Per.) Forensic Science: obkbknj
(6th Per.) Physics: gzpjixj
(7th Per.) Physics: hxbeppy
(Advisory A & B): 6fciljd
Mr. Viramontes' Class codes
Biology 1A: mwnffdt
Biology 2A: uyjrfmt
A&P 4A: uc3lb7i
A&P 5A; q3iffv4
A&P 6A: pbwqvsr
Biology 7A: fzhti5y
advisory period code: onqxj2q

Social Studies Department

Ms. Maddison Gilpin
1st World History - ​ahg3zrh
3rd World History -fj5xsb6
4th Newspaper - kshuupx
5th World History - 67zyfy6
6th World History - jeqo4z6
7th Yearbook - 4suwo5f
Ms. Guerero's Class Codes
1st Pd: uzoa6xr
3rd Pd: vb4omvx
4th Pd: e5rpxqw
5th Pd: zf67rgq
6th Pd: aw75e45
7th Pd: wwg57nc
Mr. Hernandez's Class codes
Pd. 1 zbq2aoi
Pd. 3 afec42r
Pd. 4 xanexlu
Pd. 5 xd4v4v6
Pd. 6 wylmj46
Pd. 7 4pcpscq
Ms. Khaleq's Google Codes

P1: 6dwhoha

P3: 5g6zwjv

P4: q4byyr3

P5: 3dqvhl3

P6: i6k23bs

P7: a6vu2j5

Mr. Pringle's Google codes
  1. Period (1)  j34ewcb 
  2. Period (2)   Prep period 
  3. Period (3)    joytywv
  4. ​Period  (4)   tdmmb7v
  5. Period (5)   mez7wxa
  6. Period (6)    5yypd5e
  7. Period (7)    pcbnicq   has changed to euih57g
Mr. William Stearns Google Codes
1st - f54xl7g
3rd - nqetkwf
4th - 35w2vtu
5th - 4zWU6r7
6th - q7lc74b
7th - zprs6nK
Mr. Telles' Google codes
Government  Ej6tk3f

World History  Uku42dq

Us History  R4tl4rs

NM History  3nekzfi

Mr. Ray Velarde
period 1 World History- aqqt3ai
period 3 AP Government and politics- jhl7vio
period 4 World history- ​yluyeae
Period 5 AP World History-aywuitf
period 6 AP World History- qkd5gvw
period 7 AP government and politics-4​wfklww

CTE Department

Ms. Campbell's Google Codes

1st 2jquzmg
2nd rdwyhax
3rd grtmb5o
4th   Prep
5th bolst7y
6th vv6yw6q
7th fq67ekq
OJT (1st,3rd,7th) rgbwj7t

Ms. Davis' Google Codes

1st Period: Life Skills ----- tizepcv
2nd Period: Life Skills----- otazkpp
3rd Period: Nutrition------5ziencp
5th Period: Nutrition------ y7rygo6
6th Period: Clothing/Sewing---- etejsqs
7th Period: Clothing/Sewing ----5aju4l5(lowercase L between the 4 and the 5)
Ms. Veronica Garcia's Google class codes
1st & 2nd per.   Prostart 1     zutz5yl
3rd per. Culinary Arts            t2uajxo 
5th & 6th per.   ProStart 2     gfnwnxh
7th per. Culinary Arts            ngm6syu                                       

Mr. Gabaldon's Google Codes

1st pd.    Business of Arts/Media Entertainment     vfo2g3v
           2nd pd.   Digital Film III                                           mlz33u6
           3rd pd.    Digital Film II                                            7pn7sui
           5th pd.    Film & Videotape                                      pugj6ks
           6th pd.    Digital Film III                                            2hkppfd
           7th pd     Film & Videotape                                      dod2lds
                          National Technical Honor Society             ueec45s

Ms. Holguin's Google Class codes

Child Care Work Experience:  ce7bihy

Teacher Academy 2:  fhclogh

Teacher Academy 1:  o6c577k

Child & Human Development:  g6wtn5i

Mr. Murray Ray's Google Codes
  1. 5laufqd
  2. pudg5ue
  3. lzgujk6
  4. nxgmmzv
  5. nbbajqc
  6. p24xy6y
  7. jmlhere

Ronald Richman

1st bkhjwdg
2nd zkbiucz
3rd z5xqxyy
4th Prep
5th amorypj
6th 462db6w
7th 5kmf5tf
Mr. Jack Younker's Google class codes
1st     Intro to AG mechanics        l7gcema
2nd    Welding 1                              77pgq34
3rd    Welding 1                                qefokiu
5th     Intro to auto                          jyggr2m
6th     Intro to auto                          q7zdll5
7th     Intro to AG Mechanics         rf6cw3p

Modern/Foreign Language Department

Ms. Arredondo's Class Codes
Period 1     Spanish Native 3           5skzrcs
Period 2     Spanish Native 3           b7kbl4c
Period 3     Spanish Native 2           dz3f4pk
Period 4     Spanish Native 1           42uqtet
Period 5     Spanish Native 1           5oaanbh    
Period 7     Spanish Native1            g3gh57l       

Ms. Brenda Cardenas  Google classroom Codes

1st Period: Spanish Language arts 2 7upy6mg

2nd Period: Spanish Language arts 2 u57nsqz

3rd Period: AP Spanish Language and Culture 3 54kyj62

4th Period: Spanish Language arts 2 ax2ldwd

5th Period: Spanish Language arts 2 qsn5v5j

7th Period: AP Spanish Language and Culture 3 pie7hkw


ESL I:  Google Meet

Google Classroom  7iwlwme

ESL IIGoogle Meet

Google Classroom rzwqwor

ESL IIIGoogle Meet

Google Classroom xyenl2m

Ms. Sandra Garcia's Class codes

1st - hz2wycc

2nd - hz2wycc

3rd - bgs44xm
4th - bgs44xm
5th - hz2wycc
7th - hz2wycc
Advisory Class Code - chbmas4
Vacant Spanish 1-Armijo Class Codes
1st - fn4caco
2nd -u2gsjp2
3rd - 3ohqrxw
4th - r5eizai
6th - wb2lfor
7th - sij5qea
Advisory - r5eizai

Fine Arts

Mr. Rios' google codes
Instrumental ensembles-qllhkzu
Music app 4th-y4mzg4o
Music app5th-5cuohoa
Music app 7th-qvgfazi
Mr. Alvarado's google codes
1st Period-lldt7u5
2nd Period-4jblw7t
3rd Period-kbn3ncy
4th Period-m6eysll
6th Period-chjlr6a
7th Period-6q5cbkh

PE, Health & Athletic Training Department

Ms. Shawnee Gonzalez's Google codes 

Sports Medicine 5th Period code is t7mma3a
Sports Medicine 6th Period code is zss37ke
Athletic Training Class code is xrzypm2

Ms. Padilla's Google Codes

1st: 4uiodva
2nd: hciz3ss
3rd: s2jac5y
4th: jqz4rma
Recreational Sports   5th: a2hibek
Health   7th: nb323p7

Mr. Pedro Ruiz's Google class codes

1st Period Health:  cug6wqi

3rd Period Health:  77aiwel

4th Period Health:  3tmoqmd

5th Period Health:  a56o2eg

6th Period Health:  xtvys5t

7th Period Tennis:  nszdi42

Coach Rojas -  PE  google codes
u5kbI5c  -   1st pd
olgr7nu   -   2nd pd
xoalhbh   -   3rd pd
n6zodid    -  4th pd
5j5ltku     -   5th pd   -   Team Sports
54k4uv2   -   7th pd   -  Football
Coach Uribe's Basketball Code

Coach Y's Google Class codes

1st Period  Class Code    sizznbw

2nd Period  Class Code   2es2vs6

3rd Period Class Code  o26s3gq 

4th Period  Class Code   ez7nk7z 

5th period  Class Code     jivw26s 

7th Period Class Code   wkipazh

LSC and DSC Classes

Mr. Lugo's Class code

Class Code eolujdo
Google Meet: btjwwee3bo

Mr. Waldmann's Class Code


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Counselor's Class Codes: