Google Classroom Codes

Important informantion and updates

Students please Keep up with your school work, readings, enrichment activities, and reviews.  Many assignments will be posted on google classroom and REMIND. Some teachers have been sending emails with links to google classroom.  If teachers have not sent you an email with their class code please look for your teacher in their departments, listed below.  You can also email your teacher from this website.

To set up your Google Classroom/Office 365 accounts click on the link below:

Your username for Google and Office 365 is the same but your password for:

Google is: 9 digit State id (Example: 123456789)

Office 365 (GISD Email) is: The 1st letter of your First Name Capitalized & 1st letter of last name lowercase & then your 9 digit State Id: 

        Example: John Smith - Js123456789

Google classroom Code Information

If you need class codes, please contact your teacher, counselor, or our front office

How to Log into your Student Email account

Counselor's Class Codes: