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Important informantion and updates

Students please Keep up with your school work, readings, enrichment activities, and reviews.  Many assignments will be posted on google classroom, REMIND, and Edmodo. Some teachers have been sending emails with links to google classroom, Edmodo, and REMIND.  If teachers have not sent you an email with their class code please look for your teacher in their departments, listed below.  You can also email your teacher from this website.

Thank you 


CHS staff and facualty.

To set up your Google Classroom/Office 365 accounts click on the link below:


Your username for Google and Office 365 is the same but your password for:

Google is: 9 digit State id (Example: 123456789)

Office 365 is: The 1st letter of your First Name Capitalized & 1st letter of last name lowercase & then your 9 digit State Id: 

        Example: John Smith - Js123456789

Counselor's Class Codes:











English Department

Mr. Appel
1st:   nknwahk
2nd:  4652ecc
3rd:   dp6icws
4th:   ujcidyf
5th:   ud6qmp5
7th:   ueosnjr

Mrs. Fernandez

1st pd.: upzedav
2nd pd: nobnfqa
3rd pd: jkqykpe
4th pd:5x6a7jd
5th pd: ltojg43
6th pd: Prep Period
7th pd: gp5ljln

Ms. Franklin
1st:  3fpd6vf
2nd:  tnydykl
3rd:  6fk4zl6
4th:  e5z4dba
5th:  jqb7szl
7th:  zmowc3u

Ms. Jarnigan:

Google Class Codes:
1st:                7o7abu7
2nd, 3rd, 7th: srf2q4j
4th, 5th:         vuejafd

AP4: vuejafd 
AP3: srf2q4j
Eng3: 7o7abu7

Remind Codes:
1st:                eng3-1
2nd, 3rd, 7th: ap31920
4th, 5th:         ap41920

Mr. O'Connor
1st:  ELA 3: ynls542
2nd: ELA 4: r4baclb
3rd:  ELA 2: bxzmfzt
4th:  ELA 2: 457eqse
5th:  ELA 1: nvzgb3x
7th:  ELA 1: m4qwhuj

Dr. Phillips
1st:      2x2lm6m
2nd :  s7qbqr2
3rd :   kzsvysl
4th :   sqxlv65
5th :   je4xo5e
7th :   7sycbw7

Ms. B. Ruiz's Google codes

1st - v3jj6g6

2nd - fymlfdo

3rd - bmuaxo3

4th - e4mqtdo

5th - r2l3wba

7th - usij6eq


Mrs. Sanchez
1st pd:    uh54dr2
2nd pd:   w2busr2
3rd pd:   mpgb67u
4th pd:    zhaf2vi 
5th pd:    3l6lmr5
7th pd:    mja7swc

Mrs. Soltero
1st pd:    msgtwcp
2nd pd:   nluit7l
3rd pd:    xsvcapb
4th pd:    gdejzza 
5th pd:    xsxvmch
 Softball:  h62avli






Math Department

Ms. Copley's Class codes

2nd Period - wjroezk
3rd Period - v6bsx52
4th Period - bnidvjf
5th Period - h5zvbek
6th Period - tqgycms
7th Period - bob423a
Mr. Gomez's Google Class Codes
2nd period: hwswjus
3rd period: q43ftcu
4th period: v5fi6e4
5th period: fqcbfuh
6th period: gjsk3o6
7th period: nw4zozi
Ms. Gonzalez's Google Codes
SREB Google Classroom Code for 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th periods is ermzqsp 
Geometry Google Classroom Code for 6th and 7th periods is zb6cgnz
Mr. Harvey's Google Class Codes
2nd:  k2puemi
3rd:   64zitle
4th:   b64wubu
5th:   b2gvtrw
6th:   kazxi3l
7th:   unvol7h

Ms. Henry's Google Class Codes
2nd: gddm7r5
3rd: hvz4wfg
4th: tqbgq5o
5th: cfinhps
6th: ckmrm6t 

Ms. Henry's Remind Codes
Algebra II: @hh244hb
AP: Statistics: @8d63a8
Mr. Leal's Google Class Codes
2nd: fdlda46
3rd:  bkaeoa3
4th:  5phttfn
5th:  33c3q3r
6th:  ho6wbf3
7th:  6gjk6y3
Mr. Ubinger's Codes
Algebra 2: 5j2tlnh
Pre Calculus: qsr3uiz

Ms. Williams Google Codes
2nd: j5pf5ka
3rd:  c4ip3zy
4th- wya2mv2
5th- 3e6tvvb
6th- lb5dd5w
7th- vfmotvd

Science Department

Mr. Aguilar: Google Codes

1st period:       5hre7ux

3rd period:       6ld4dt6

4th period:       sau6thx

5th period:       zxdwmkc

6th period:       rdhvmm2

7th period:       6qz32fz


Mr. Aguilar: Remind Codes

1st period:     @29ed3b 

3rd period:     @8f4e8c

4th period:     @6f486h

5th period:     @khg894

6th period:     @3hgg73     

7th period:      @842hd3 

Mr. Frischmann's Google Class Codes

Physical Science 1: 7pvnfaz
Chemistry 3:  2tk5avd
Chemistry 4:  a4pyz4e
Chemistry 5:  tmcfqej
Chemistry 6:  5z2qxxo
Chemistry 7:  cp4spz4

Ms. Gallegos' Class Codes

Period 1 gsyjey7
Period 3 kvtgsyf
Period 4 rvumja4
Period 5 kpm3blp
Period 6 xbkv4re
Period 7 k6qxnri


Ms. R. Garcia Class Codes

1st Period Chemistry  kr4r2p3

3rd Period Chemistry  qwp3k4c

4th Period Biology  2hfub2d

6th Period Biology  edvwib6
Ms. R Garcia's REMIND codes
Mr. King's Class Codes
Period 1:  AP Physics     b6vlss6
Period 3:  AP Physics     jcnel53
Period 4:  AP Physics     psmycgk
Period 5:  Chemistry       kbcjefj
Period 6:  Chemistry       7nysaee
Period 7:  Chemistry       wmimdcf
Mr. Myers Google Codes:
1st period - 3ov2ykx
3nd period - sxx72uy
4th period - nkvsrqv
5th period - ixuq7x6
6th period - r4bnipo
7th period - i2diynx
Ms. Pavlis' Google Codes
Biology: f7gucul
Environmental Science: ckeanjd
Mr. Viramontes' Google Class Codes:
Biology 1A: cezh6jq
Biology 3A: tt25bxv
Biology 5A: bwme4xc
Biology 6A: l4nxn3g
Biology 7A: jbzi7ty
Anatomy/Physiology 4A: ccjtxpr

Social Studies Department

Mr. Bailey's Google Class codes
Psychology Period 1:  mzj3nkm
Government  Period 2:  2nooqu4
Government Period 4:  2xk4yzs
Government Period 5:  lhlbywp
Psychology Period 6:  wcmaet7
Psychology Period 7:  742wjs3
Mr. Benson's Google Class codes:
1st NM History:   p4dau65
2nd NM History:  sdvpm52
4th NM History:   b4szx4m
5th NM History:   ey3lzp6
6th NM History:   3piujm6
7th Football w/Rojoas:  54k4uv2
Mr. Chacon's google Class codes
NM History-bm7opy2
US History-vz62fpg
Student Council-v7layxb

Ms. Guerrero's Class Codes

 Class Period Google Classroom Edmodo
1st Period remhgd7 dhkvwq
2nd Period bdjtxt3 i8fsb6
4th Period cfr4sds faqsjb
5th Period zt3wqkc qxi9vj
6th Period moxwqib shz47j
7th Period  jpn5w6g  6rdsyz 
Mr. Hernandez's Google codes
Mr. Pringle's Google class codes
1 Period : 7sj46uh
2 Period : 73sh3a2
4 Period : 7ix6ro
5 Period : qbst57d
6 Period : qci5s5c
7 Period : oleqob4
Mr. Stearns' Google class codes
1st NM Hist - bz7qosg
2nd World Hist - lckwcgy
4th World History  - pkq7ynf
5th World History  - p2kbcpo
6th - World History - tol7gmq
7th - World History - cvnhdqi
Mr. Velarde's Class codes
  • regular gov-  ivxsgtx
  • Ap gov- bsvkcxu

CTE Department

Ms. Davis' Class Codes

1st Period Life Skills ------ o7pyaui
2nd Period Life Skills----- zwgukwm
3rd Period Nutrition------ljscpjb
4th Period Nutrition -----wrkqqba
6th Period Life Skills -----qzynvfm
7th Period Clothing-----6en4wid

Mr. G's Class Codes

1st pd - Film and Videotape      jft76p5
2nd pd - Film and Videotape    qljqkfp
3rd pd - Mass Media Comm     tizvozu
4th pd - Mass Media Comm     hcak5qp
6th pd - Digital Prod II              2gpcga4
7th pd - Digital Prod III             y6mrr2d
Ms. V. Garcia's Google Class Codes:
1st per. Culinary Arts - b7s4kco
2nd per. ProStart 1 - qexik6c
3rd per. ProStart 1- g2guy6t
4th & 6th per.  ProStart 2 - tbiy5wd 
7th per.  Culinary Arts- s6mvzka
Ms. Holguin's Google Class Codes:
Child and Human Development  j7ttxpv
Teacher Academy 1   4yu6dsw
Teacher Academy 2    irdn2ow
Mr. Lawler's Google Codes:
1st period class:   sg1hghv
2nd period class:  6fz63rb
3rd period class:   w7aloj6
4th period class:   zih6tsf
6th period class:   rgce2yz
7th period class:   3y4optc

Mr. Richman's Google Classroom Codes

  • 1st Period  Exploration Intro:   jnboumf
  • 2nd Period Exploration Intro:  5l4qwzv
  • 3rd Period Criminal Assist:       5vmhuaa
  • 4th Period Pub Pro Serv Ind:   v73jdjv
  • 6th Period Community Prot:   vllvxmm
  • 7th Period Community Prot:   xllf42x
Mrs.Campbell Class Codes
1st:    iwtuq64
2nd:  yqmfszm
3rd:   nvg2gz7
4th:   kzclhop
PrintShop ALL classes: rgbwj7t (Periods 1 -7)
6th: 56pdjwc
7th: fmagmwi

Mr. Younker's Google Classroom codes
1st  6zzr2yd
3rd b4wzsbq
4th ijlfwyi
6th 5aylmql
7th auq2vxz

Mr. Lawler Class Codes
1st: sglhqhv
2nd: 6fz63rb
3rd: w7aloj6
4th: zih6tsf
6th: rgce2yz
7th: 3y4optc

Modern/Foreign Language Department


Mrs. Armijo Class Codes:

French I: j66fnn5
French II: ngdvezf

Sra. Arredondo Google class codes:
Espanol 2 :  bd2tqrs
Espanol 1:  i5ufc4j


Ms. Cardenas Class Codes:

Spanish 2 periods 2, 3, and 5 is: n7rmpsh

Spanish 1 Native Speakers periods 1,6, and 7 is:  vwz7tjz

Ms. S. Garcia's Google Class Codes

Spanish 1 code - au7654b
Spanish 2 code - 4cp27xn
Sra. Gutierrez's Google Class codes
AP spanish:  3cle5dy
ESL 1:  qsnoevj
ESL2:  nfylsud
ESL 3:  psk2prj

Fine Arts

Mr. Alvarado: Class Codes

1st, 2nd, 5th, and 7th Periods  mn47uw3
3rd Period uzuea5j
6th Period gr5duyv

Mr. Rios' Google Class Codes

1-2Period: wurdzhm
3rd period : qllhkcu
4th period- y4mzg4o
5th Period-5cuohoa

PE, Health & Athletic Training Department

Ms. S. Gonzalez's Google Code
Sports Medicine:  p3pt7ib 
Athletic Training:  xrzypm2
Coach Rojas' Class codes
1st  u5kbl5c
2nd. olgr7nu
3rd.  xoalhbh
4th.    n6zodid
Coach Ulibarri
1st period Health    p3mmtm2
2nd period PE          2dg655v
4th period PE           eavu5i4
5th period PE           rbkhnta
6th period PE           cyzt6j5
Mr. Ruiz's Google Class Codes
1st Period - 4lwhho5
2nd Period - exjuoqh
4th Period - amhipc4
5th Period - unulzqm
6th Period - opolek3
Coach Y
1st period - wn3sg2m
2nd period - hspw6im
3rd period - 2h36yru
4th period - 45jjxwk
5th period - 4dzsh6o
6th period - zbyhite

LSC and DSC Classes

 DSC Activities for Home.docx 

Google Class Code for Mr. Lugo's Class


Mr. Waldann's Class code


Office & Library Aid

The class code for Library Aide on Google classroom is:   0x6s2g3.


The Class code for the Office Aide on Google is:   sfmwkph

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